We all know all employees are the same. Yet, many times when we develop programs or employee experiences, we homogenize them – a one size fits all approach. The persona is an approach to expand our thought process to empathetically look at a problem or solution from different employee perspectives.
The Disruptors. Whether you are running a brainstorming session or an important meeting, there can be people who disrupt the flow of the session and potentially the outcome. A crucial step in setting up a session (or a meeting) is understanding participant personalities and choreographing the session to ensure success. In other words, you need to mitigate the disruptor.
Offsites should be energizing, invigorating, inspiring, collaborating, and (INSERT your own active tense verb!). To accomplish this, planning is needed to ensure the right group dynamics to make your offsite a success. BWD methods are designed to energize!
Most of us are consistently finding new ways to create a positive culture. One source of cultural ideas is your employees. While it takes time and effort to engage employees, the following are six benefits that make the effort worthwhile.
Brainstorming sessions are a powerful tool for organizations to move forward. However, many times they fail to generate ideas and even worse it frustrates participants. The following are the primary reasons brainstorming session fail and what you can do to prevent it!
The reality is this: brainstorming is a powerful business tool that is abused and mismanaged. Recent articles written in business publications including Inc. and Harvard Business Review have tainted brainstorming as a waste of time. In many respects, those articles are right. However, in one respect, they are very wrong: businesses need ideas to thrive.