Our Team

Author, Professional Facilitator, Founder of Primal Idea

Eric Bowe

Eric is a passionate about unlocking creativity. He has developed and adopted effective methods that get the most out of a brainstorming team. He is also a lifelong student of the creative process and enjoys immersing himself in documentaries about famous artists, songwriters, writers, inventors, and filmmakers. These artists stories help illustrate many of the methods outlined in this session.

Eric has helped clients generate breakthrough ideas in a rapidly evolving marketplace for over past two decades. He has led over one-thousand brainstorming sessions for businesses ranging from Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups. These clients include Ford Motor Company, Colonial Williamsburg, Bob Evans, ALDI, Jeep, and Pure Michigan.

Managing Partner at Executive Rhythm

Linda Taylor

Linda believes the key to unlocking organizational potential is by nurturing inspirational leaders. Throughout her career, Linda has coached executives and managers to rise above the basic business requirements and become the type of leader that people want to follow. Brainstorming is no different. Linda applies this passion to brainstorming by training people on techniques to lead a team in order to get to next level thinking.

Linda has led all aspects of the human resource function, but her passion always centered around talent acquisition and retention, leadership development and change management. Linda has spent more than 25 years nurturing and developing talent at some of the world’s most respected advertising agencies. Throughout her career she has led human resources teams at Campbell-Ewald, J. Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett, The Garage Team Mazda, GTB and BBDO.