Filling the Idea Gap to unlock team creativity.

The Myth: Magic Happens

Many teams struggle to generate great ideas.

Most companies believe brainstorming does not require a skill or expertise. Just throw people in a room with sticky notes and a flip chart and then POOF! Magic Happens

The Reality: An Idea Gap

The reality is: if employees are not trained to lead or participate in brainstorming, you create an idea gap.

The idea gap is the gap between the potential of the brainstorming team and the ideas generated.

Filling the Idea Gap

Brainstorming with Da Vinci is designed to fill the idea gap. The approach focuses on four things:

  • Set up a session for success
  • Inspire teams to think different
  • Take a team’s brainstorming to the next level
  • And generate actionable idea

Brainstorming is an art
not an exercise.

The Da Vinci Approach

The Da Vinci approach is focused on two things: creating a positive collaborative culture and teaching people how to lead successful brainstorming sessions.

Create a Positive Collaborative Culture
Great ideas are consistently generated by a positive collaborative culture. The Da Vinci approach is designed to foster this cultural approach. To give employees the tools to positively work with others and affect the organization.

Learn How to Maximize Team Creativity
We train people on how to lead a successful brainstorming session. The Da Vinci methods will help you architect a session to focus your team, inspire them, elevate their thinking to the next level, and if need be, shake it up a bit.

Da Vinci Experiences

The Da Vinci approach can be applied to your company in different ways. Below are our three core offerings. We also can design a custom experience based on your company needs.


Amp up the creativity for your team, department, or company with Da Vinci with a Twist. This entertaining session covers the Da Vinci best practices plus brainstorming on a topic of your choosing.


These jam sessions vary from defining a new culture (Vision, Mission, Values) to infusing culture into new hire onboarding, or jamming on employee survey insights to take your culture to the next level.


If your looking to train employees to lead sessions, we offer a Da Vinci masterclass. We train your employees on how to become an effective, energetic brainstorming leader in this workshop.

A Few Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Lots of energy and ideas that can be applied right away!

Crystal S.

Brainstorming with Da Vinci is an essential resource on the topic. It demonstrates how and why great brainstorms happen.

Highly recommend.

Charlie K.

Very engaging presenters and a lot of good takeaways.

Heather R.

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Our on-going take on brainstorming benefits and challenges.

We all know all employees are the same. Yet, many times when we develop programs or employee experiences, we homogenize them – a one size fits all approach. The persona is an approach to expand our thought process to empathetically look at a problem or solution from different employee perspectives.
The Disruptors. Whether you are running a brainstorming session or an important meeting, there can be people who disrupt the flow of the session and potentially the outcome. A crucial step in setting up a session (or a meeting) is understanding participant personalities and choreographing the session to ensure success. In other words, you need to mitigate the disruptor.
Offsites should be energizing, invigorating, inspiring, collaborating, and (INSERT your own active tense verb!). To accomplish this, planning is needed to ensure the right group dynamics to make your offsite a success. BWD methods are designed to energize!

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