Generating ideas to take your culture to the next level.

Cultural Jam Session

Cultural Jam Sessions engage your employees to impact your company culture.

Sessions vary from defining a new culture (Vision, Mission, Values) to infusing culture into new hire onboarding, and brainstorming on employee survey insights to take your culture to the next level.

We can either train you (or your team) or we can lead sessions to inspire your employees to generate creative, actionable cultural ideas.

Cultural Brainstorming Opportunities

The following are cultural opportunities were we applied the Da Vinci Approach.


Define a new culture (Vision, Mission, Values) whether as a part of a merger
or an organizational culture reboot.


Effect your culture for new employees
by infusing creative cultural experiences
into  the onboarding process. 


Brainstorm on insights from
your employee survey to take
the company culture to the next level.

5 Steps to Next Level Cultural Ideas

The Da Vinci approach is a five step approach designed to maximize team participation and creativity to generate next level cultural ideas.

The following examples are excerpts from a presentation we gave at 2023 Michigan SHRM conference. It is a glimpse into the approach using an example of increasing employee satisfaction based on an eNPS employee survey.

Step 1: Session Preparation

Preparation is crucial in running a successful brainstorming session. This begins with determining your session goal. A common goal is based on an employee survey and a desired increase in employee satisfaction.

Methods guide you through architecting a session including setting a measurable goal, choreographing participation, and session logistics.

Step 2: Inspiration

Inspiration is key to unlocking your team’s creativity. Methods are designed to get participants energized and think from different perspectives to achieve the session goal.

One method we use is called The Muse which is about building personas representing different employee types. Personas work well to get participants to look at the situation from different perspectives.

Step 3: Generate Many Ideas

This step is about convergent thinking and generating as many ideas as possible. Methods are designed to engage the group to generate ideas, shake up their thinking, and build on each other’s ideas.

One way to engage each member of the group (especially introverts) is a method called the Power Pause. Participants are asked to write down an idea, then we go around the room and asks each person to share their idea. Before going to the next person, the team builds on the each idea.

Step 4: Build Out Ideas

This step takes ideas generated in step three and the team builds them out into deeper, more robust ideas. Methods prompt the team to layer in complexity to test ideas to ensure they are actionable.

Many cultural ideas are experiences. With experiences there are six core value propositions for why a person would participate in the experience. The Layer the Experience method prompts the team with various questions to deepen the experience increasing the value.

Step 5: Prioritize Ideas

The final step is to take ideas and create an idea roadmap for implementation. Methods guide to think about benefits and challenges for each idea, and prioritize each idea based on complexity.

Typically, sessions generate dozens of ideas and the team can get idea paralysis (e.g., where do we start?). The Step, Jump Leap method is designed to prioritize ideas based on complexity.

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Cultural Jam Session Presentation

In October 2023, we presented to the Michigan Society for Human Resource Management on Leading a Cultural Jam Session. We included a link to the presentation.

We would be happy to meet with your team and go through the presentation.

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