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Da Vinci Masterclass

To get to great ideas, a facilitator needs to wear many hats. This is the premise behind the Da Vinci facilitation or idea architect as we like to refer to the brainstorming lead.

The idea architect is an active facilitator, participant, and thought leader in the session. The following are 4C’s that cover the responsibilities of the Idea Architect:

  • Create: Create stimulus to get people to think different.
  • Choreograph: Choreograph the meeting to keep people engaged.
  • Contribute: Contribute ideas and build off other’s ideas.
  • Cultivate: Cultivate ideas with the team to take ideas to the next level.

The objective of the Da Vinci Masterclass is to train participants on how to be an effective idea architect using the Da Vinci methods.

Da Vinci Masterclass

The masterclass is an in-depth immersion into the Da Vinci approach, teaching participants how to apply the guiding principles and methods within different scenarios.

This workshop trains participants on how to architect a brainstorming session using the Da Vinci guiding principles and methods. Each participant will be expected to design a real brainstorming session during the course of the workshop. To do so, we will cover the following topics:

Idea Architect
The idea architect is the session leader within the Da Vinci approach and it includes much more than just facilitating a session. We will cover the different leadership dynamics to be successful.

Session Choreography
Choreographing a session begins by defining the North Star, the goal, for the session. The lead must also choreograph the group dynamics to ensure the team generates ideas to achieve the goal.

Inspirational Stimulus
Stimulus is crucial in getting participants to see ideas from different perspectives. 

Group Dynamics + Methods
Brainstorming sessions are fluid, and the idea architect must understand when to apply specific methods to keep the team energized and unlock their creativity.

Build Out Ideas
Making ideas actionable means building out ideas by making them more robust and also stress testing the idea to make sure it can become a reality.

Create an Idea Roadmap
Normally a team will generate and build out many ideas. The final step is to create an idea roadmap by assessing the benefits and challenges of each idea and then prioritize the ideas based on complexity.

The workshop is highly interactive providing many relevant examples the participant can utilize to design their own brainstorming session.

Session Materials:

  • Masterclass Workbook
  • Brainstorming with Da Vinci Book
  • Deck of Da Vinci Method Cards.

Learning Objectives:

  • The different roles you need to master to lead a successful session.
  • How to apply guiding principles based on different scenarios.
  • How to use Da Vinci Methods to inspire your team and take brainstorming to the next level.
  • How to build out ideas to make them actionable.
  • How to prioritize ideas through the creation of an idea roadmap.


16 People
(Live Session)
8 People
(Virtual Session)

Length of session

6 Hour Workshop

materials provided

Da Vinci Book
Method Cards


in person
and virtual

Workbook Sneak Peak

Da Vinci Masterclass Workbook

To give you a idea for the masterclass, we included a preview of the workbook.  The typical workbook is 80 pages, however, we offer customization of examples to increase the relevance for your team.

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