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Leading Teams to Next Level Ideas

Brainstorming leadership training is what we do.

Ideas are the lifeblood of business. They are important to gain a competitive advantage, increase operational efficiency, or improve company culture. While ideas are extremely important, most businesses do not train their employees to lead brainstorming sessions. This is why we created Brainstorming with Da Vinci.

Brainstorming with Da Vinci combines best practices with different methods artist, writers, actors, and musicians used to a create masterpiece or give a memorable performance. We drew inspiration from a wide array of creative celebrities including Leonardo DaVinci, E.L. James, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Eric Clapton to name a few.

The result is an entertaining approach to lead next level brainstorming and generate actionable ideas.

Brainstorming with Da Vinci is focused on one goal:
Engage your team to generate actionable ideas that will move your business forward.

To achieve this goal, the guiding principles and methods in our approach are designed to get the most out of a brainstorming session. They help you architect a session to focus your team, inspire them, elevate their thinking to the next level, and if need be, shake it up a bit.

Below are some examples of DaVinci Methods. 
Hover over image to read each method.


Are you ready to lead?

To get to great ideas, the session leader must wear many hats. This is the role of the Idea Architect.

The Idea Architect provides the spark in a Da Vinci Session. This leader is an active facilitator, participant, and thought leader.

The following 4C’s cover the responsibilities of the Idea Architect:

Create: Create stimulus to get people to think different.

Choreograph: Choreograph the meeting to keep people engaged.

Contribute: Contribute ideas and build off other’s ideas.

Cultivate: Cultivate ideas with the team to take ideas to the next level.

To learn how to get training, check out our different experiences below.

Da Vinci Blog

Check out the latest content including the Brainstorming with Da Vinci Podcast, Da Vinci Deep Cuts, and other helpful content. 

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Now Available on Amazon!

Brainstorming with Da Vinci is now available on Amazon. 

The book is focused on one goal:
Inspiring teams to generate big ideas, and make those ideas a reality.

To achieve this goal, the guiding principles, and methods in in the book are designed to get the most out of a brainstorming session. They help you architect a session to focus your team, inspire them, elevate their thinking to the next level, and if need be, shake it up a bit.

The principles and methods in the book are not limited to business and can be used for different professions and personal experiences.

Bottom line, the Da Vinci approach is built for when you must lead a session—and want it to be insightful, productive, and engaging in the process.

Get your copy today!

We offer different experiences for companies including a practice round,  idea architect training,
and  engaging us to lead brainstorming sessions for you.


This experience combines an overview of guiding principles and methods plus a practice session where participants apply several methods.

Group Size: Up to 35 People 

Timing: 2 Hour Session


This masterclass teaches people the Idea Architect role by learning how to apply the Da Vinci Guiding Principles and Methods within different scenarios.

Group Size: 16 People

Timing: Full Day Workshop

da vinci boot camp

This three day workshop includes the Masterclass and a live session where participants take the lead.  

Group Size: 8 People

Timing: 3 Day Workshop 


We design and lead brainstorming sessions for many companies, and we can design a session to meet your needs.